Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my site and I would be more than happy if you could participate with your feedback in the comment’s column. Your feedback is very valuable for me and my team of nurses and doctors as well as the hospital management to continuously improve our services.

I have been a medical doctor for over 20 years now. The last 8 years as a gastroenterologist doing interventional work has really been rewarding; I could really make a difference in the lives of people who seek my help. Some of them have become good friends of mine.

As doctors, we cure sometimes but we heal always. That has been my guiding principle. I strive to empower my patients with the knowledge that they require to heal themselves, while applying the latest evidence-based knowledge and expertise in reaching my treatment objectives.

Let’s aim for a healthy digestive health, because, as Hippocrates says;” You are what you eat”. 

When we talk about digestive health, there are few aspects that require attention. It can be broadly classified into preventive health, curative care and finally palliative medicine.

Preventive health covers a vast spectrum of issues like nutrition, healthy eating, adequate exercise, healthy ways of coping with stress, regimented health screening and least spoke about; spiritual health.  

Curative care reflects the measures taken to heal diseases which has been diagnosed by using evidence-based medicine judiciously and conscientiously. This disease may range from functional disorders that sap the energy out of you to more sinister illnesses that can cause death if not treated.

The final leg being palliative care, which is attention and help rendered to those whose illnesses cannot be cured. These field will require the help of a palliative care physician and hospice input.

Let us live a good healthy life while we embrace our cultures and believes, empathize with the less fortunate and  rejoice for the abundance as we lend a helping hand to all those who need one.

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