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Olive Oil in Food
Olive oil has long been a staple of healthy eating. But is it really healthy? We tried to make sense of it by gathering data from a dozen essays by nutritionists from

Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), is rich in plant defense chemicals and protective nutrients like vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory properties due to oleic acid and a compound called oleocanthal.

How to Taste Olive Oil
Olive oil tasting is a skill that can be learned and enjoyed. It can help you hone your palate, make better culinary decisions, and learn to appreciate the full range of qualities that premium extra virgin olive oils offer.

Pour one to two tablespoons of the olive oil into a dark glass or cup. Cover the top with your hand to warm up the oil and release aromas. Swirl the oil to coat the sides of the glass. Note the color and viscosity of the olive oil.

Smell the oil and notice any aromas that you can pick up, such as grass, lemon, tomato leaf, artichoke, or garlic. Taste the olive oil, taking time to notice how it affects your mouthfeel and how the flavors come together in your mouth. Be sure to pay attention to unpleasant flavors such as rancid, musty, or metallic. Pungency can also be detected in some olive oils as a tickling sensation in the back of your throat.

How to Pair Olive Oil with Food
Olive oil has a richness that can elevate even the simplest dish. The key is to find the right pairing for each of your ingredients. This is best done by focusing on a mellowing or complementing relationship between your ingredients and the intensity of your olive oil.

The general rule is that the more robust the flavor of your ingredient, the higher the oil intensity you will want to use. For example, a lighter olive oil with a fruity flavor can enhance a salad, while a grassy olive oil will pair well with heartier ingredients like cheese and grilled meats.

Don’t be afraid to try new pairings. For instance, many people find that delicate olive oil can make an ice cream even more indulgent. Try it over chocolate or coffee ice cream for a tasty treat. Or experiment with an olive oil cake recipe incorporating a full cup of olive oil. This is a great way to show off the delicate citrus and floral flavors of an EVO.

How to Cook with Olive Oil
Despite its high cost, olive oil has become a staple in many kitchens. It can be used as a cooking fat, adding a rich flavor to dishes. Its low smoke point allows for delicate sautéing and stir-frying. The oil also acts as a natural non-stick agent when applied to pans before heating.

Like other oils, olive oil can go rancid when exposed to heat and light. You can identify bad olive oil by its sour, bitter, or gluey texture or smell. Rancid oil may not make you sick, but it will have negative long-term health effects on the body by increasing free radicals that destabilize healthy cells.

To prevent this, store your oil in a cool, dark place, away from heat and light. It’s best to buy a tinted bottle, which reduces the amount of light that enters the container. You can also find bottles made of tin, which are more effective than plastic for reducing photooxidation.

How to Store Olive Oil
As a rule of thumb, olive oil should be stored away from heat. That’s why Hirschbein keeps her everyday cooking oil by the stove in a ceramic cruet with a pour spout, but she stores her specialty olive oils (such as unfiltered or extra virgin) in a dark cupboard, far from any heat sources.

Heat degrades the healthy antioxidants in olive oil and can make it rancid, but it’s not necessarily a sign of spoilage. The best way to tell if your olive oil has gone bad is by the smell. If it smells like cucumbers or sweet bananas, it’s time to buy a new bottle.

Another way to protect your olive oil is by purchasing it in tinted glass or tin containers that reduce the amount of light the oil is exposed to over time. It’s also important to avoid storing olive oil directly next to appliances that give off heat, as this will deteriorate the product over time.
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